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Sneak Peak- LG Optimus G2

Beautiful LG Optimus.

Beautiful LG Optimus.

Claiming to be the fastest phone among its category , LG Optimus G2 will most probably be launched in this fall. LG hasn’t announced the details of this phone but due to the assessment of GL benchmark most of its specification are available. This handset will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset. This chipset has the highest benchmark score. It not only surpasses the benchmark scores of other smart phones but also has a 5.5 inch display. It is still not clear that it will work on Android Jelly Bean(4.2.2) or Key Lime Pie (5.0). The phone will have 13MP rear camera and a front camera for video chat.

LG might be using eye recognition technique in this phone. This technique enables the video to be paused automatically when the viewer draws the eyes away from the phone. This technique is called smart video. It uses front camera as sensor to detect the motion of the eye. This technique has been used by LG in LG Optimus Pro also. Samsung also is using this technology in Samsung galaxy s4. Is this a mere coincidence that both the companies are using the same technology  around same time? LG has also filed a complaint against Samsung for using their technology.

For more interesting info please click link.

For more info please click link.


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